The 'Nintendo Switch' Competes With Apple's 'iPad; Can It Succeed?

Nintendo's newest console just debuted yesterday, marking a new phase of the console wars. There was a time where Nintendo and SEGA where the console and gaming giants, but for more than a decade now, it has been Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony battling for supremacy.

The Nintendo Switch is a different type of console

Nintendo's latest console, the Nintendo Switch, is making some quirky and revolutionizing innovations of its own. While it does function as a standard home console, it also has another trick off its sleeve, which is it transforms into a handheld gaming device, enabling players to play their game as they go. That feature game many fans the curiosity as to who exactly is the Switch competing with? Though some may still say Sony and Microsoft, many have also believed that Nintendo is going to be squaring off against Apple's iPad.

Why the Nintendo Switch is different

The Nintendo Switch isn't really much of a powerful console when you compare it to the PlayStation 4 Pro or the upcoming Xbox Scorpio. Plus its relatively cheaper price is really not on par with the said consoles. But that doesn't mean the Switch can't be a best-selling console once it's out, though, it has the most interesting feature that a console can offer, which can definitely give anyone just the right reason to buy it.

The Nintendo Switch vs. the iPad

Instead, the Switch is much comparable to the iPad judging by their features of being portable gaming devices. Though the iPad can do more than just play games, the Nintendo Switch is the ultimate console to have if you plan to play your console-based games on the go. What truly binds them together is their portability. The PlayStation 4 Pro and the Xbox Scorpio, though very powerful consoles, lacks the quirky gimmick that the Switch offers, which is why it really doesn't make that much sense to compare them

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