Dead Rising 4 Guide To Combo Weapons Locations [Ranged]

Dead Rising 4 Guide To Combo Weapons Locations [Ranged]
Want to collect all the crazy and fun ranged combo weapons in Dead Rising 4? Find out where to get them here. Photo : punish/YouTube

Dead Rising 4 is back at it again with quirky weapon combinations that make for more creative ways to kill off hordes of zombies. These Combo Weapons are super useful, but you have to find the blueprints for them first. Here's a full guide on where to locate ranged Combo weapons.

We have also covered Melee Combo Weapons. Check out this guide.

Blambow: The blueprint for the combination of a Crossbow and an explosive can be found at the Willamette Memorial Megaplex. Just follow Brad until you reach Virago hotel. Look behind the counter and you'll find it lying on the floor.

Umbrella Gun: Now that you're in the Virago hotel in the Amazon Food Court, look for the Panic Room hiding behind a wall in the elevators on the first floor. You have to use the Spectrum Analyzer for this. The blueprint is in that room.

Ornament Gun: Just before entering Medieval Town, drop by at a clothing store called Mad Love Tees. The Dead Rising 4 Combo Weapon blueprint can be found on the counter.

Fish Launcher: First, you will need to grab some keys. Get the key to the locker you want at the top of the yellow clock tower. Then, head over to the Pirate's Catch Restaurant. You'll find the blueprint inside a locker.

Holey Terror: During Dead Rising 4 Case 2, you will naturally come across the blueprint. It's in the Old Town Fire Hall.

Raining Nails: The blueprint of the Flare Gun's combination with mechanical parts can be found in a locker at the back of Big Buck Hardware. You can find the key outside of the store on an empty lot down the corner of the street.

Split Shot: Head to the Dead Rising 4 Willamette City Hall Archives and look for the Exo Suit container. Next to it should be a digging spot, which you can see using the Spectrum Analyzer. Equip the suit to dig up the blueprint of a lead pipe and gun combo weapon.

Ice Chain Gun: In Dead Rising 4 West Ridge, head to The Quizeens' property. The blueprint is right on the kitchen counter.

Hit Maker: Also in West Ridge at the same area, go to Muzak's residence. As you enter through the front door, you can spot the blueprint at the table.

Nut Blaster: This time, head over to the left side of West Ridge to go to Patriot's. In the garage in the Emergency shelter, pick up a key that you'll need to gain access to the Panic Room. After getting it, find the trapdoor in the yard and open it to find the blueprint inside.

Laser Slicer: You'll have to buy this one in North Peak Emergency Shelter. The weapon vendor there sells the blueprint for $6,000.

Ion Cannon: Still in North Peak, go inside Gruff 'n Tuff Motors shop next to the Emergency Shelter. The blueprint is on the counter.

The list still needs to be updated, so come back for more ranged Combo Weapons blueprints! Stay tuned for our guide to locating thrown weapons blueprints in Dead Rising 4.

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