Final Fantasy XV Guide: Get High-Level Equipment Early

By Hauntress , Dec 07, 2016 05:45 PM EST

There is a way to get high-level equipment, specifically accessories in Final Fantasy XV. Although it may take a bit of time and commitment, YouTuber LemonEatingKow assures the hard work is well worth the payoff. From potions to high-level accessories that give huge boosts and bonuses to your stats, here's a guide on where and how to get them.

How To Get High-Level Equipment In Final Fantasy XV

You can get decent and even powerful accessories early in your Final Fantasy XV game and they're well worth the effort. Firstly, head on over to Crow's Nest Diner - a homy retro-looking diner just southwest of the gas station and repair shop Hammerhead , which is your first stop on the way - and then go inside. To the left of the entrance are pinball machines than you can play a mini-game on for the price of 10 Gil.

The mini game is called Justice Monsters Five in Final Fantasy XV and the game's main goal is to hit and kill the enemies, but for the purpose of getting the items you want, you need to avoid them. The mini game will let you choose among four characters and you can choose what character you want based on your enemies' elements. You should focus on hitting the bumpers as much as you can to get the bonuses.

The easiest way to hit the bumpers accurately is to hold down left stick and tap X. This will send your ball straight down the middle. As the ball keeps hitting the bumper, the bar in the middle will keep climbing up and when it reaches the top, a slot machine will appear which will give you the chance to get treasure chests in Final Fantasy XV.

Justice Monster V Rewards In Final Fantasy XV

Once you've reached the desired number you want, you can choose to quit the minigame and it will give you the item that corresponds to the number of treasure chests you got. The list of items you can get depending on the number of treasure chests are as follows: 2 - Potion, 5 - Hi-Potion, 10 - Elixir, 15- Hi-Elixir, 20 - Garnet Bracelet, 25 - Carbon Bangle, 30 - Amethyst Bracelet, 35 - Titanium Bangle, 40 - Mega Phoenix, 45 - Sapphire Bracelet, 50 - Gold Bangle, 60 - Oracle Earring, 70 - Ruby Bracelet, 80 - Platinum Bracelet, 90 - Emerald Bracelet, 99 - Celestriad. And that's how you get high-level equipment in Final Fantasy XV.

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