Final Fantasy XV Guide: How To Rank Up And Max Out Fishing, Cooking, Survival, And Photography Quickly

By Hauntress , Dec 07, 2016 05:40 PM EST
Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Walkthrough Part 5 for the Xbox One in 1080p HD. (Photo : oGVexx/YouTube)

Final Fantasy XV offers a plethora of experience from the most immersive to the impossibly domestic. But at the end of the day, we do pointless activities within the game either because we want to or the game developers decided to have trophies or achievements for them. Here's a guide on how to max out all skills quickly namely Fishing, Survival, Photography, and Cooking.

Trophies/Achievements To Get By Maxing Skills Out In Final Fantasy XV

Reaching level 10 for each of your party's specific skills will unlock a total of 8 trophies or achievements in Final Fantasy XV. To list them all: Angling Rookie, Survival Rookie, Photo Rookie, Cooking Rookie, Angling Expert, Survival Expert, Photo Expert, and Cooking Expert. Though these activities may not be the most exciting part of your game, and doing them may become a bit tedious, hearing the click of your notification stating that you have successfully received a trophy/achievement is all the more satisfying. That being said, here's how you can quickly unlock them all for all four characters.

Noctis - Fishing. Fishing for Noctis increases every time he catches a fish. The best place to fish is at Vesperpool since it offers a lot of rare fish types; the bigger and rarer the fish you catch, the bigger boost you'll have. Head to the fishing shop at the east shore and buy a high-level fishing rod and reel; they will make your fishing an easier and quicker experience in Final Fantasy XV. Proceed to fish near the shop and make sure to visit a camp sporadically to rank up.

Ignis - Cooking. To max out Cooking for Ignis, the cheapest and fastest method is to buy Luncheon Meat, which costs 100 Gil a piece, from Lestallum's general store in Final Fantasy XV. Stock up on more or less than 50 pieces of Luncheon Meat and cook "Mystery Meat Sushi" at a campfire. This recipe is good since it only needs one ingredient. Visit the campfire and cook the same meal repeatedly until you max out your Cooking which will take approximately 20 minutes.

Gladiolus - Survival. Survival for Gladiolus increases when you've walked a certain distance and leveling this skill could take quite a long time. There are two methods you can do, the easiest of which is you can take a rubber band and strap it around your left and right controller stick so Noctis will keep running in circles. You can let it sit there for 30 hours and you will reach rank 10. The fastest way (20 hours) is method two; enable the stamina bar in the game options then start running and before the stamina depletes; hold and release O(PS4) or B(Xbox 1). You'll do a lot of running in the story so I advise doing this when you've finished Final Fantasy XV.

Prompto - Photography. The first thing you'll need to do is buy the ascension "Snapshot;" it lets Prompto take pictures in combat for one tech bar. Then buy ascensions "Tech Strike," "Tech Damage," and "Quick Tech;" they will make your tech bar recharge quicker, ultimately giving you the freedom to take more photos. Do this in every combat encounter in Final Fantasy XV and it'll take you 20 hours to rank to 10. Alternatively, you can do this simultaneously with Survival by looping a rubber band around your controller. Prompto will take 10 pictures every 30 minutes as you walk around; this method will take you 60 hours.

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