Parappa The Rapper Hits PS4 Worldwide, Mobile Phones In Japan

Probably to celebrate Parappa the Rappers's 20 years of existence, Sony decides to make a remaster of the game and create a PS4 version. The dog of rap has made waves way back during the days of the PlayStaiton 1 and it is expected that he'd do the same with today's modern gamers.

Parappa the Rapper is a game based on rhythm. The main character, Parappa, must overcome each level by simply rapping his way through all of them. Each stage changes rap teachers and Parappa must listen and be at rhythm with each of them. As the teacher start to rap, a bar at the top of the screen will appear. This top bar will show symbols corresponding to lyrics and buttons. The player must time how he hits the button per word to be at rhythm and pass the stage.

During the game, a "U Rappin'" detector measures the player's performance, scores such as good, Cool, Bad, or Awful are shown respectively. Players need to stay in the beat to get good scores.  

A player must do well twice in a row to regain higher ranking, in case he falls a bit behind. Good ranking is required to pass each stage. Players can also re-attempt each stage to get a higher rating.

Cool score can also be achieved by free-styling. While doing good in free-style, Cool mode will be activated. The teacher on this mode will leave the stage leaving the player to an awesome free-style mania. Cool mode is cancelled when the player has 2 successive bad impressions from the teacher.

Parappa the Rapper goes Mobile

On top of being announced for the PS4 last PSX, a Parappa the Rapper for mobile devices has been announced for Japan. There are no further details for it but the concept of the game still remains. Judging on how the gameplay can be coded and its simple graphic design and transitions, the game should be out by 2017, hopefully the early parts of it. The game is exclusive for Sony.

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