Sony: Will Be More Careful On Release Date Announcements; Did They Finally Learn From The Last Guardian?

The PlayStation Experience 2016 held just a couple of days ago showcased some of PlayStation exclusive games that are set to be launched soon, however, most of these upcoming titles do not have specific release dates yet. It turns out, Sony is making steps in being more careful in announcing game release dates, instead, they choose to say "they're currently in development for the PS4". Take The Last of Us Part 2 or Days Gone and even Spider-Man PS4 for examples, these titles do not actually have concrete release dates.

In a panel at the PSX 2016, Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida explains why they are no longer giving specific release dates for their upcoming games and why have had numerous PS4 game delays.

"We definitely have learned by our mistake of announcing release dates too early. So we will be more cautious doing so because these days, making games on PS4 generation... the ambition of the teams are making the game much bigger and more complex and takes much longer time to... the game might get to Alpha stage - everything is in - but getting them to the Beta stage - the game's being tested and tuned and polished - takes much longer than before."

Yoshida added that their teams are learning to work in this generation, that what they had learned in the past may not apply to what's current now which is the main reason why they had to reschedule some game's release dates which resulted to people being disappointed. So moving forward, they have learned from those experiences and they will be more cautious and learn to "wait until the time that we are really confident to hit the date."

The Sony executive mentioned The Last of Us Part 2 as an example wherein it was only mentioned that the Naughty Dog game is still "early in its development stage", without even mentioning a release year. It definitely seemed Sony is trying to avoid delay scenarios in the future as opposed to what happened with this year's The Last Guardian and Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.

After a couple of delays and 10 years in the making, The Last Guardian is finally going to be released today, Dec. 6. See the The Last Guardian's newest trailer at the PlayStation Experience 2016.

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