World of Warcraft News: Players Are Experiencing Alarming Problems With Mobile AH

Some players are now experiencing alarming problems with the use World of Warcraft's Mobile Auction House. According to the victims, there is a discrepancy between the items that arrived from their mailbox and the ones that are listed on the Auction House. Because of this, many players allegedly lost thousands of gold, of which they can no longer recover.

World of Warcraft Mobile AH, Bug?

A Reddit post revealed an alarming glitch with the Mobile Auction House which according to most players, have been recurring since the release of Legion. The bug renders some items to appear as an upgraded version of the gear when listed on the AH but once bought, the item will then revert to its original version, which sometimes goes down to a couple of item levels.

One user detailed his experience about the issue wherein he purchased Sameed's Vision Ring via the Mobile AH for 25k gold. The item level of the ring was supposed to be 840 and also bears the correct respective stats. But after he took it from his mailbox, the ring allegedly downgraded to the 810 version which sells for 7k gold in AH.

This story may just be one of those "misclicks" that were profoundly fantasized in order to get some attention but this time, however, it appears to be very real and has been a recurring issue since the launch of Legion. Here's an official thread from the community discussion about the issue. Moreover, according to the victims, the GMs neither properly assessed the situation nor did they receive any compensation for the bug.

Solution for the problem

As of the time of this writing, there is yet a viable solution for the problem other than double checking the listing in the game's AH. If you're planning to buy BoE with item level 810+, then you should probably try to eschew from purchasing the item via the Mobile AH.

Have you encountered this issue? How did the customer service respond to your ticket? Share your experiences in the comments down below!

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