World Of Warcraft News: Mix Reactions From Blizzard's Ban Wave

The last World Boss event this morning was met with criticisms for having some glitches that allow rooms for exploitation. Following the huge ban wave by Blizzard, fans have mix reactions regarding the punishment and how some view it as a result from an underlying problem caused by Blizzard itself.

World of Warcraft: Huge Ban Wave

The huge ban wave came after numerous players have exploited the World Boss wherein a glitch in the system allowed the repetition of the boss encounter. Some players stated that they received a full-week ban from Blizzard while the rest of the offenders had varied lengths ranging from 3-5 days. According to one theory, the length of the ban is congruent to the number of times that they have encountered and taken down the boss - to which no one, as of the time of this writing, has verified yet.

Now, despite most of the community agrees that the offenders must be penalized for the clandestine behavior, some are still asserting that the exploit stemmed from the fact that Blizzard had a glitch system. If you read across the entire Reddit thread, some players argue that Blizzard is also at fault for the exploits due to the existence of the glitch. One player even linked another comment from a different subreddit which reads: "It's the developers fault for not creating an environment that can't be abused like this. People are always going to find exploits."

Who's to Blame?

Keep in mind that there is no game that's free from glitches or bugs, therefore it's safe to say that any system can be exploited or hacked. Instances like these shouldn't be blamed from the developers but instead to the offenders as they're fully aware about the glitch before they the committed the deed. Although this doesn't change the fact that this is an oversight from Blizzard, the exploiters are undeniably culpable for all of their blunders.

What do you think about the punishment that Blizzard imposed? Do you feel bad about the offenders? Or do you think that they deserve to suffer even more? Share your thoughts in the comments down below!


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