Dota 2 News: Several Arcana Bugs That Valve Hasn't Fixed Yet

Now that we're only days away from the official release of Juggernaut's Arcana, it's only fitting that Valve should fix several Arcana bugs right? For those of you that are not aware, the current Arcana has some issues which, although minor, should be fixed by Valve's end. Here's a couple of the Arcana bugs in the game:

Crystal Maiden Arcana

This video shows how CM's Arcana used to work upon its release but after a couple of updates including the newe Dota 2 Engine, the new visual system seemingly render the character's clothes appear to be somewhat hazy which can be seen on these two pictures: walking animation and standing animation. If you try to compare the video from the pictures, you can contrast the disparity between the old animation and the new one which is also the same glitches found in other arcana.

Phantom Assassin Arcana

The visual disparity between the Arcana is more profound in Phantom Assassin's as you can clearly see the difference in the visuals here: actual vs how it should be. Aside from the visual bug, the Arcana also affects the interaction between several items which can be seen in the video down below. Remember that there may be more items that somehow affect the interaction of PA's Arcana aside from the given ones.

Terrorblade Arcana

If you're keen to sound effects, you may very well be aware of the missing respawn and buyback sounds feature of Fractual Horns of Inner Abysm which you will notice if you tick the "always use default raspawn/death sound."

Other Missing Feature/Bugs

These two may not be considered as bugs but instead, missing features that Valve hasn't included in the game. One is the missing facial animation of Demon Eater (SF Arcana) which should have flex animation during the initial teaser. Next is the mini taunt of Swine of the Sunken Galley which appears to be not working in some games.

Arcana are costly and therefore, must be fully optimal to provide proper customer satisfaction. If Valve is about to release an upcoming Juggernaut Arcana, will it have the same issues as these unresolved ones? Check back for more Dota 2 News!

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