Overwatch Professional Players And Fans React To MLG Vegas Preset Maps

One of the upcoming premier tournaments in Overwatch is the MLG Vegas which will see eight NA teams battling it out for the $100,000 prize pool. The invitational tournament will commence in December 16 up to December 18 at Mandalay Bay, Bayside E&F. Despite being one of the largest LAN tournaments in Overwatch yet, the professional teams and fans alike are reacting to the general format of the competition which entails preset maps starting from the Group stage up to the Grand Finals.

Overwatch MLG Vegas Preset Maps

The MLG Vegas will not have any map draft as according to over.gg which also reveals the preset maps in the tournament. Here's the list of the total maps to be used in MLG Vegas:

lios: 9

Temple of Anubis: 5

Route 66: 5

Eichenwalde: 4

King's Row: 4

Hanamura: 3

Watchpoint: Gibraltar: 3

Dorado: 3

Numbani: 3

Volskaya Industries: 2

Hollywood: 2

Lijiang Tower: 2

Nepal: 2

The issue with regards to the preset maps is that, players do not have any control with the contents they wanted to play, removing such factors like map advantage and whatnot. Also, it can be noted that Blizzard recently took heavy criticisms following the ESL Atlantic Showdown which was seen to also have the same preset format.

After the debacle of ESL, Overwatch Open, which was last held in Atlanta, chose a more competitive path wherein they it included map drafting and banning. Following the successful system, OGN also follow through with the use of a hybrid system where there's an inclusion of preset maps where teams can choose or ban depending on their choice.

Professional Players and Fans React To Preset Maps

A Reddit thread shows how both professional players and fans alike are dismayed over the idea of preset maps in a competitive tournament. Not only that it forces players on a tight situation, it also impairs the room for a strategic comeback. Keep in mind that each maps has its varied styles and tactics and therefore, playing in a preset maps can impair the overall strategy of each teams.

According to the Sub Reddit's moderator: "Some of the participating pros are rather pissed off at this. I can't blame them." It's pretty understandable how anyone can be pissed at the preset maps as it indirectly removes your control in your future matches. Although they can practice prior to the event, competitive tournaments should've been more diverse and "unpredictable" than this.

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