New Patch Update Reveals Exciting Car Tricks In Overwatch

Players can now perform exciting new car tricks in the latest Overwatch PTR update. As confirmed by many, you can now use the car to change your position in the latest Oasis map. Here's some of the exciting cool tricks you can easily execute using specific heroes:


A great example of "Polar Express," Mei is now capable of using Cryo-Freeze on top of the car without taking damage or in the previous case, bugs her out the entire game. A Reddit post now shows how the trick can easily be down by simply jumping into Ice Block as soon as the car approaches. Be wary though, as you need to get on top of the car for this trick to work. Once the duration of Cryo-Freeze is finished, you'll safely land to a nearby Health Pack as shown in this video.


Widow can also use her grappling hook onto the car which will then drag her near the same point. Although the displacement isn't as good as Mei's "Polar Express," it's still a great way to move around the map and may save you on a pinch. Since Widow has poor mobility, the cars will allow her to move around across the map a lot faster than she used to.


Since Reaper doesn't take damage while in Wraith Form, you can basically use the same trick as Mei where you jump on top of the car while the ability is active - giving you a nice displacement leverage. Although it isn't practical as you can simply use Shadow Step, it's still pretty cool that you can do this trick in Oasis.


Now this one is considered as bug by many as Zarya's shield actually generates charge when using the car trick. Since the new update basically enables players to get on top of the car without taking fatal damage, Zarya's shield now generates insane amount of charge while performing the car trick. Blizzard has yet to fix this glitch but we're already expecting it to be patched soon. Nonetheless, if you're playing Zarya, you'd be surprise as to how the new car trick actually boosts your shield in a jiffy!

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