Overwatch Competitive Guide: Winning Games With Toxic Players

Rising into the competitive ladder can be painstakingly hard especially if you're teamed up with a toxic player but the truth of the matter is that, regardless of your rank, there will always be "toxic" players whether you like it or not and so today, we're going to give you essential tips on how to effectively deal with this kind of people and somehow manage to snatch a victory from a dire situation.

Overwath Guide: How to Deal with Toxic Players

The Overwatch community is growing even more toxic as the population grows rapidly and for the most part; you'll probably wind up in a situation where you wouldn't just deal against your enemies but your own teammates as well. So how do we actually "rid" of these players? According to Unit Lost, you can't. But it doesn't mean that all hopes is lost once you're going to team up with a toxic players. There's actually effective ways on how to deal against this type of persons. Here's how:

Reverse Psychology - One of the common situations we usually have is that a player blatantly attacks his or her own teammate with vulgar words in order to feel good about themselves especially when they think that they're planning "better" on the game. Now if you're in a scenario where you're being attacked, it's practically normal to fight back, right? But there's actually a better way to make a favorable situation out of this. And it deals with reverse psychology method.

If you can remember, we've made an article detailing how to effectively boost your SR which basically involves using reverse psychology. What you're going to do is instead of defending yourself and fight back, you should instead suck it up and compliment the toxic player and make him feel good about himself. This not only does this pacifies the person but also encourages him to play better and impress the team (further solidifying his statement that he or she is better than you). Although this is extremely hard to do, if you're keen in turning the tables then using this trick drastically reverses the tide of the match.

Blocking - There's also a situation where you can't use the reverse psychology method and one particular example is that, when a person locks into a DPS without thinking of the immediate need of the team. Consequently, due to bad composition, you probably will have rough time dealing against the enemy team and this is where the toxic player starts ranting and verbally attacking everyone on the team. Now, seeing the fact that the toxic player is ideally to blame, would you compliment him? Of course not. This is where blocking serves its purpose.

Blocking a toxic player not saves you from frustration and mental pressure, it also prevents you from worsening the situation even further. Although Overwatch encourages team communication and coordination, if someone is already resolute to disrupt any means of coordination, it's wise to simply block that person and just play well in the game. This is the best way to deal in this kind of situation as the game itself has yet to have a profound reporting system to rectify these toxic behaviors.

Have you ever been with a toxic player? What did you do to deal against that person? Share your experiences in the comments down below!

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