The Last Of Us 2 News, Updates: Ellie Concept Arts Revealed; Shows A Full Look At Her Tattoo

The Last of Us 2's PlayStation Experience announcement made a lot of fans very happy. Recently, Naughty Dog revealed a new concept art for the game. It shows Ellie's tattoo and her whole character figure. The concept art clearly shows that Ellie has matured, though the origin of her tattoo remains unknown. However, fans are expecting that there is more customization to come for Ellie, as she is only wearing the clothes she has on the trailer.

The Last of Us 2's Concept Arts Reveals Many Changes

Recently, Naughty Dog's official Flickr account reveals an amazing concept art of Ellie and her tattoo. The most notable change is her physique, which is that of a matured woman. Also, fans noticed that it seems that Naughty Dog is focusing on Ellie, making them worried about Joel. Rumors say that Joel might die in The Last of Us 2, because of some clues picked up in the trailer. However, fans can only wait for another announcement for Naughty Dog to know for sure.

Where Did Ellie Got The Tattoo In The Last of Us 2?

As of now, there are no announcements about where Ellie got the tattoo. The tattoo itself signifies rebellion, but the design tells a different story. The leaves and butterfly can also mean peace, nature or the birth of something new. The tattoo was created by a well-known artist Natalie Hall who also contributed to the guitar sequence in the trailer by having her hand scanned. With the numbers of possible meaning for Ellie's tattoo, fans can only hope that it will not have a negative effect for both Joel and Ellie.

A release date or timeframe for The Last Of Us 2 is yet to be announced. Rumors suggest that it will be a long wait, so news might not come anytime soon.

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