‘Lucifer’ Season 2 News, Spoilers: God Almighty Interferes With Chloe’s Fate; Lucifer’s Father Comes Down From Heaven To Confront Charlotte?

By Mandy Adams , Dec 08, 2016 10:14 AM EST

"Lucifer" season 2 midseason finale revealed more about Chloe and the bigger role that she can possibly play in Lucifer's life. Given the circumstances, Charlotte seems to be going all out with her plans to get back at God. It seems that the season will not end without God interfering in the affairs of his family. Spoilers reveal that season 2 might introduce Lucifer's true father.

"Lucifer" Season 2 Spoilers: Charlotte's Malice

"Lucifer" season 2 developed the love story between Lucifer and Chloe. Although the two are hanging out with each other as they solve crimes all over Los Angeles, Lucifer never realized how important Chloe is until now. With the help of Dr. Linda, Lucifer realized the true depth of his feelings for Chloe and it will be his greatest weakness.

With Mama Morningstar using everything at her disposal to make Lucifer bow to her will, it will be exciting to see her attempts to pull off another scene. Charlotte seems to have free reign on earth but that might not last long since God is planning to intervene.

"Lucifer" Season 2 Spoilers: God Almighty

It is only a matter of time before "Lucifer" season 2 introduces God. Given the havoc that Charlotte is causing, it would be unfortunate if God does not make an appearance. Based on the latest insider scoop, God will make his way to the series before the end of season 2. From the trailer and spoilers for the upcoming episodes, Chloe seems to be in big trouble and God might help her out of the fix.

Rumor has it that Fox has a casting notice for someone to play the role of God Almighty. The network is looking for someone who looks a bit similar to Sam Elliot to play the part. The actor who gets the role will be a patient in a psychiatric ward who claims that he is God Almighty. Lucifer will do his best to prove that the patient is just delusional. However, the man knows details that only Lucifer's father is supposed to know.

"Lucifer" season 2 will be back on air on Monday, Jan. 16 on Fox.

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