Not Again! Another Evidence Of UFO Conspiracy? Is NASA Hiding An Alien? ‘Golden Cigar’ UFO Appears Within 100 Meters Of ISS

Aliens are most probably one of the common claims that NASA has been protecting from the public's eye all these time. Most of the UFOs spotted in space are seemingly just brightly colored orbs, or some would call a glitch, but UFO enthusiasts claim that this latest sighting might just change the way we see them.

Another Trace Of UFO Sighting: Coincidence Or Aliens Are Really Sending Us A Message?

According to reports by Daily Mail, an alleged golden cigar-shaped UFO was seen lurking alongside the International Space Station in a live NASA web feed, which has led some conspiracy theorists to claim that it is somewhat trying to analyze the thoughts of the astronauts' aboard the ship. The video footage has shown that the bizarre object is keeping its distance in flash bright red and blue lights before it has found to disappear with out a trace. A certain YouTube user named StreetCap1 who is known to constantly post about UFO sightings has uploaded a video which lasted for about 3 minutes and 57 seconds.

Furthermore, in one of his statements reported by The Cake, a renowned UFO hunter Scott C. Warring has revealed that the video is a proof that this is a solid object and its shadows are due to the light from the sun. He allegedly described the video as an awesome catch since it will really make you think what the aliens are up to: is it just investigating the thoughts of the astronauts, or were the invited guests that came aboard the ISS?

It was also found that after the said video clip had circulated online, a number of commentators have allegedly shared their sentiments on the events and what the unidentified object could be, some were still skeptic and some were convinced. Alien hunters like Mr. Waring, on the other hand, were certain that it is definitely a UFO near the International Space Station and they believe that aliens constantly linger around the ISS.

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