Another UFO Sighting Spotted In Texas: Could UFO’s Really Be Shape Shifters?

A number of UFO enthusiasts were once again thrilled after a mysterious object has been recently spotted to be floating through skies of Texas. Last November 23, a video footage has quickly circulated online like a wildfire after is has allegedly captured the strange silver-gray shape, which appeared over downtown Houston at about 3:15pm.

Are Aliens The Real Shape Shifters?

In one of his statement reported by Mirror, the eyewitness who took a shot of the video said that within the video's duration, the UFO has allegedly appeared to change its shape over a period of around four minutes.The witness claimed that he was able to notice the reflection of light in the sky, and it was stationary at first, but as we was looking at it, that was when it started moving and has appeared to change in shape .

According to Daily Mail, the mutual UFO network (MUFON) is now investigating the sighting, and looking for an explanation. It was found that while some are convinced that flying saucers exist, experts believe that most sightings turn out to be just man-made objects such as weather balloons or satellites, or down to natural phenomenon like ball lightening or meteors.

On the other hand, a map that records UFO sightings which created last year has shown that Houston has a relatively low amount of UFO sightings compared to the rest of the country; especially the southeastern parts known to be the site where the US military conducts several test flights. Statistically speaking, it was found that in Harris County alone, the county which Houston is located in, there were 8.8 sightings per 100,000 people, as per the National UFO Reporting Center's data.

Ultimately, although UFO enthusiasts are convinced that the object appeared to be morphing or changing shape as it floated across the sky, some remain to be skeptic about the footage and had dismissed the speculation that it was an extraterrestrial craft, saying it was likely only a drone or a cluster of balloons.

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