Can The Sun Be The Source Of Power Of Aliens? How Is That Possible?

UFO enthusiasts have recently claimed that that they have spotted evidence for star lifting in images that has been taken by NASA. It was believed that the speculation has started to spread like a wildfire after two images had reportedly emerged showing inexplicable monster objects that revolves around the brightest star, our sun. They believe that an alien spacecraft could possibly be surrounding the sun in order to take its solar energy. In the photo, UFO hunters explain that the image seemingly looks like an unidentified white dot joined to the sun by a 'connected line'.

Aliens In Our Sun: Can It Gradually Lose Its Brightness?

According to reports by Daily Mail, it was found that star lifting is a general name to describe any process by which civilizations could potentially remove material from a star, and use it for themselves. A footage that has been uploaded on YouTube last week has even become viral. Although the uploader has initially admitted to be skeptical, but has later on been convinced that the image may well show some sort of alien activity.

On the other hand, when the renowned UFO blogger Scott C Waring picked up on the video and had analyzed it, he explained that the alleged UFO may have been using the suns energy to fuel itself or to recharge in some way, but it's leaving at high speed. In one of his statements reported by Express, Mr. Waring claimed that the video clip basically tells us that the craft is made from a different material than the sun's surface since the UFO according to him, is a glowing white, while the sun's plasma is a yellow.

Ultimately, skeptics of the said UFO sighting believes that the objects around the sun that are seen in these pictures are just merely coronal mass ejections from the sun, which often follow solar flares.

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