'One Piece' Manga Enters Kaido Arc In February 2017; Kaido Having A Showdown With Luffy?

By Dan Niel , Dec 08, 2016 01:47 PM EST

After the Big Mom arc, "One Piece" manga is bringing one of the Yonko to the spotlight. The series' editor confirmed via "School of Jump" live stream that the Kaido arc will start in February 2017. Kaido is one of the strongest pirates in "One Piece" and is also dubbed as the "Strongest Pirate in the World."

The exact date was not announced but according to a report, the editor revealed that the Big Mom arc is currently slowly reaching its climax. In July, original creator Eiichiro Oda said that the entire series is 70 percent done.

Kaido is the captain of the Beast Pirates. He was first mentioned in "One Piece" chapter 456 but he debuted in chapter 795. Kaido has an abnormally large built (six times the height of Eustass Kid) and a comparatively small face. He uses a giant kanabo as weapon but his bare hand is enough to send a person flying in one blow. He also once jumped 10,000 meters from the ground which created shockwaves that could sink a large ship.

Another display of his great strength is his inability to die. He has been tortured 18 times while other Yonko have tried to execute him 40 times but the weapons used to kill him were broken instead. Because of this, he developed a hobby of attempting suicide only to fail afterwards.

The series might stage a Kaido vs Luffy battle. Way back in "One Piece" chapter 696, Luffy said he will take down all of the Yonko. A theory suggests Kaido might raid Wano and since it is near Zou, it will be a perfect place for the fight.

Meanwhile, "One Piece" ranked first on Japan's top-selling manga in 2016. The series sold more than 12 million copies, almost double than the second rank which had more than 6 million copies sold.

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