Faraday Future Will Unveil Their First Production Vehicle At The Consumers Electronics Show

Faraday Future, a startup electric car company that only begun three years ago, recently showed teaser photos of what would become their first ever production line vehicle. The company shows highlights of the front and the rear end of the car to give consumers an idea of what it may look like. The car, even with just shadows and highlights, looks far better than the first concept car that they revealed at the last Consumer Electronics Show.

The First Production Car Looks Better Than The FFZER01

They announced the new car would be unveiled at the Consumer Electronic Show that will be held on January 2017, on their Twitter account. Highlights of the car showed the front end first that comes equipped with the headlight that looks like it goes straight from one end to the other. The Faraday Future logo can also be seen embedded on the grilles of the bumper. Overall, the front end looks sleeker than the first concept vehicle they showed, the FFZER01 that has a razor sharp like front end.

The second teaser that Faraday Future showed is the rear end. Still highlighting the LED lights with a somewhat honeycomb grille design. One part of the grille rear lights distinguishes the company's logo. The rear design seems to mimic the front end, and fans can only imagine what the whole car looks for now. No rear view mirrors can be seen from the sides of the car, a concept that gives a high possibility of using cameras.

Faraday Future Might Use Cameras Instead Of MIrrors

Although, the United States still ban road cars without physical side mirrors, Japan allows it. This would not be the first concept vehicle to feature cameras instead of rear view mirrors. The first model Tesla Model X and the BMW i8 were supposed to be using cameras but tweaked their design to meet regulations. Faraday Future should be able to easily add physical side mirrors to the car in case they encounter the same regulation standards, or it may also depend on which location they choose to sell their car first.

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