You Don't Need A Drone To Use The New GoPro Karma Grip, Now For Sale At $299

GoPro might have recalled the Karma drone but that doesn't mean that the Karma Grip will likewise be suspended. Apparently, the Grip accessory can function on its own and is pretty useful for GoPro camera users. Here's what's known about the DJI Osmo competitor.

GoPro Karma Grip Features

According to GoPro's site, the Karma Grip allows for a more stable footage. It aims to make your ordinary shots look a little more extraordinary especially if you're into action photography. It can be held or worn depending on your activity and it can work with the GoPro camera as one.

You can simply connect your camera and turn on the Grip and you're good to go. You can also charge both products at the same time. GoPro also says that you can offload your footage even if you don't unmount the camera.

GoPro Karma Grip Price

The Karma Grip is priced at $299, Tech Crunch reported. Right now GoPro and Best Buy lists the camera accessory with the same price. If you want to get this accessory, you can check out GoPro's listing to see all the inclusions the Karma Grip has. Take note that the Grip is compatible with the Hero 5 Black, Hero 4 and Hero 5 Session (2017).

GoPro Karma Drone Recall

If you missed the news about the Karma Drone's recall, know that GoPro has initiated the recall for their newly released drone. Apparently, the GoPro Karma drone has been discovered to have battery related issues that cuts its power unexpectedly midflight. GoPro hasn't given out replacements for the drone but instead, the company offered full refunds to the returners of their drone. Needless to say, the company hasn't cancelled the drone altogether and fans can just wait for the GoPro Karma to be put back in the market as soon as GoPro fixes the problem.

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