Super Mario Run Offers Unique Free-To-Play Feature – Miyamoto Explains

By Nick Halden , Dec 12, 2016 04:10 AM EST

Super Mario Run will offer a unique free-to-play, according to Miyamoto. The Nintendo game designer also explains how it differs with the traditional mode.

Super Mario Run Is Free But...

Super Mario Run is free but players will need to pay $10 to open up all the game's contents. The good news is that there are no in-game purchases for this game. Miyamoto also thinks that families will like this upcoming mobile game. Parents will believe that the $10 one-time payment is small price to pay for their children's enjoyment. It's also a safe game to give to young ones especially during the holiday seasons.

Nintendo and Apple's Shared Philosophy

Miyamoto said that they decided to first launch Super Mario Run with Apple's iOS devices. This is due to the Cupertino Company's similar philosophy with Nintendo. Miyamoto is actually referring to the philosophy of keeping things simple. It seems both companies don't want to confuse users by presenting a complicated product.

Apple's expertise is another reason why Nintendo has decided to collaborate with the smartphone company. Interestingly, the Japanese game maker also worked with Niantic Labs in developing Pokemon GO. The partnerships are necessary since Nintendo does not have the expertise yet in creating mobile games, according to Miyamoto.

Nintendo first tried the Super Mario Run concept on the Wii and 3DS. The gameplay features Mario continuously running in the game and players will make it jump. Mobile devices seem well suited for such gameplay. As a result, the game is now making its debut on the iPhones, tablets and other iOS devices.

Super Mario Run Launch Details

Super Mario Run is coming to the iOS platform on Dec. 15, 2016. Android devices will get the mobile game at a later date. Unfortunately, no official date has been set yet. The Android gameplay and pricing format is also expected to be the same with the iOS.

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