Final Fantasy XV Guide: All Altissia Side Quests

By Gen Que , Dec 12, 2016 05:49 AM EST

Final Fantasy XV is filled with side quests that can be found all throughout the land of Eos. These side quests can be found in various locations in the wilderness as well as in outposts and towns. These might range from the very simple to the very dangerous but the rewards can be very helpful as you go through your journey. One of these towns is Altissia and here are the side quests you can find there.

Symbol of Peace

The Symbol of Peace side quest can be found in Xona Resbenxiale Dolsare. Once you enter Altissia, you will find that Luna's dress is on display but no one tells you where to find it. In order for you to discover the location, go up near the stairs where you first heard about it and head to the point indicated in the map. Accomplishing this quest will let you earn 1,000 XP.

Photo Op: Bar

All the side quests in Altissia can be found in Xona Resbenxiale Dolsare. Photo Op: Bar is also one of the many photo op side quests in Final Fantasy XV. For this particular photo op, head towards the Maagho bar in Altissia. Remember, though, that you can only have a photo op here during the daytime. This will let you earn 400 XP.

Photo Op: Park

This side quest can be accomplished in Altissia when you're in Level 9. To do this, simply go to the park where a large narwhal statue can be found. That's north of where you first set foot in Altissia.

Photo Op: Palace

The Palace photo op can be accomplished in Altissia as well and when you are in Level 9. You can do this by walking along the teal gondola route. There, Prompto will ask you if he can take a picture and you can start taking it at the beginning of the route.

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