Dota 2 News: All New Spell Changing Talents For Patch 7.00

Today, we bid farewell to Dota 2 6.xx, the version that brought us a decade of fun and excitement that also connected the community around the globe thanks to its competitive and diverse patch changes. Now, years of epic journey, Valve is ready to take a huge leap forward and evolve. Say hello to Dota 2 7.00.

Dota 2 Version 7.00 brings a whole new experience to everybody, incorporating new talent system into the traditional skillsets; creating a more complex and profound builds for each hero. Today, we're going to highlight the talents that significantly change the specific spells of certain heroes in version 7.00.


One of Enigma's new talents adds 8 more Eidolons to its Demonic Conversion which gives it a total of 12 Eidolons upon casting the skill. This also means that after 6 attacks, you'll now get 24 Eidolons ready to demolish your enemy towers!


Gyrocopter has two interesting final talents and that is an increased in the total rounds (attack) of Flak Cannon and the other one is the +3 Homing Missile Charges. Both of which gives Gyro domination over team fights.


Lycan can now opt for the +2 summoned wolves giving the hero a much stronger pushing capabilities or you can choose to a more team fight oriented talent which increases the Shapeshift's duration by 15 seconds.


The new talent of Mirana gives the hero 2 more Sacred Arrows upon cast which both travels in a cone pattern adjacent to the original arrow. Now this would lead to numerous reports if the user wouldn't land a single stun on the enemy for sure!

Phantom Assassin

The final talent of PA enables her to release another Stifling Dagger to an enemy hero which also gains the ability to do critical hit.


Once Lion hits level 25, you can now opt to get the 3 more Mana Drains which will be automatically casted on nearby targets. It may wound weak at first but it's a hard counter for hero illusions - a very good anti-push strategy!

Nature's Prophet

Nature's Prophet can now get 6 more Summoned Treants on his 3rd skill, making the split-push capability of the hero even more deadly. Will this mean the comeback of AdmiralBulldog?


The final talent of Doom enables the hero to devour ancients and taking all of its skills in the process. Talking about gluttony!


Weaver's level 25 talent increase s Shukuchi's movement speed by 200, giving the hero a total of 750 ms while invis. Take note that the hero can't be slowed during this duration.

Spirit Breaker

Spirit Breaker's last talent buffs the movement speed of his Charge by another 500 movement speed giving the hero a total of 1,250 MS when charging - faster than Bloodseeker hunting for blood! If you think it's overpowered well then, the improved proc chance of Greater Bash will startle you more as the other talent takes the hero's bash RNG capability to 34%.


Once Puck hits max level, you can improve the travel speed of the hero's Illusory Orb by 75% which is really broken as shown in the video down below. It appears that the most slipper hero in Dota has become even more of a nuisance!

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