GTA 6 News And Update: Possible Locations To Conquer In The Game

By Allan Gonzales , Dec 12, 2016 04:41 PM EST

Its been a long time since 'GTA' last released a new installment for the game so their next one is expected to be really special. Although there isn't an official release date yet for 'GTA 6', that didn't stop loyal players from speculating possible locations for the upcoming installment. So this article discusses the possibility where the next game will possibly take place.

'GTA 6' in London

One of the most promising places where 'GTA 6' could take place is in London. Its one of the most well-known city in the world with lots of landmarks, having a 'GTA' located in this place will happen sooner or later. So if it will eventually happen, why not now right?

'GTA 6' in Vice City

Vice City is a location 'GTA' has already covered in the past and probably the most favorite version of the 'GTA' series. So that should be more than enough reason for the game to revisit Vice City, but this time with better graphics, gameplay and misisonn.

'GTA 6' in Russia

Another interesting location 'for GTA 6' is Russia. Not only is the place full of history, and interact with different kinds of people but also has a lot of exciting landmarks that players will surely enjoy exploring. One of it is Moscow and its big piles of snow while players complete their tasks.

'GTA 6' in Hong Kong or Tokyo

Hong Kong and Tokyo are definitely places the game should consider to add in 'GTA 6'. Not only will it allow the players to discover a new world in the game but also appreciate the Asian side of the world. Both countries features the most beautiful streets like Shibuya Crossing in Japan and Mongkok in Hong Kong will definitely bring new excitement in the game.

'GTA 6' in Paris

Last but certainly not the least is Paris for the next location of 'GTA 6'. It's the city of love, it has the most iconic streets in the world and the Eiffel Tower are just some of the reasons why the location must be considered for the upcoming game.

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