COD Modern Warfare Remastered: Gameplay Suffers Because Of Slow Servers?

By Nick Halden , Dec 13, 2016 04:27 AM EST

COD Modern Warfare Remastered players are complaining about the instant death they suffer during the multiplayer modes. Some of them believed the slow servers are the culprit.

COD Modern Warfare Remastered Server Speed

Surprisingly, the COD Modern Warfare Remastered servers are actually running at 10Hz. This was the information shared by a Reddit user IAmNotOnRedditAtWork. If this is true, then MWR servers are one of the slowest compared to other online games. Based on the same information, even CoD4 servers are running at twice the speed of MWR servers. Titanfall 2 online servers on the other hand are running at 20Hz while Overwatch servers are running at 45 to 60Hz.

Effect of Slow MWR Servers

The COD Modern Warfare Remastered servers' slow response rate can have a fatal consequence for players. The Reddit user illustrated and virtually solved the reason behind the instant deaths in MWR. The 10Hz speed means that the server will update the player's machine (also known as client) ten times per second. If opposing players are firing in excess of ten bullets a second, one of the updates will contain the excess.

For example if 11 bullets were released, the first nine update will contained a bullet each. The last update unfortunately will contain bullets 10 and 11. If the combined bullets can deliver more than 100 percent damage, your character dies "instantly". It also does not matter if the character has a full health bar.

 Activision Response to Slow Server Issue

Unfortunately, neither Activision nor Infinity Ward has step up to address the issue. For now, avid players will have to contend with the slow COD Modern Warfare Remastered servers. Some players though, fear that the Supply Drop DLC may worsen the slow server problem. If it does, Activision will have no choice but to increase the server speed or risk losing its player base.

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