Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare: 5 Multiplayer Features Infinity Ward Can Improve

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is the latest offering from Infinity Ward. Although the single player story mode is great, a number of players are suggesting that the developer needs to improve a number of the game's multiplayer features.

Call of Duty Multiplayer Network Issues

A number of players have reported that they experienced some network issues while playing Infinite Warfare. Some COD players report that they can get killed from a single enemy shot even though they are the ones who took the first shot. It seems that network lag is the one to blame for this issue.

Call of Duty Movement - Tilted?

Players have been reporting that their movement in Infinite Warfare is tilted. However, wall running seems to be just fine in the game thus enabling players to gain speed and making them a more difficult target. Some critics however contend that its quite rudimentary compared to other games.

Multiplayer Maps Did Not Include Cool Features From Single Player Campaign Mode

COD gamers who experienced the single player campaign mode are wondering why multiplayer maps did not include features such as zero gravity environment. The multiplayers maps are of standard design. However, Infinity Ward could have made the maps more interesting if they added places where players can fight it out in space.

Spawn Logic in Infinite Warfare

Spawn logic is basically an algorithm that determines where player will appear in the map. There are instances where a player or a team will spawn at a location where the enemy is close behind or very near them which will result in a quick massacre.

Problem With Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Rigs?

Combat rigs in COD: Infinite Warfare should allow players to customize their characters based on the traits that the combat rig will enhance. However, players are reporting that the combat rigs do not seem to match the personality of their character.

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