Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update: Here's A List Of All New Pokemon Released

Pokemon GO was just updated and players were really excited to see new Pokemon. Now, players have a chance to catch some monsters that were introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver. This is the biggest update that Niantic released since its Thanksgiving event. 

Who Are The Newest Addition To Pokemon GO?

Players were very happy when Pokemon GO has six new Pokemon. According to CNET, this is an early Christmas gift of Niantic to its loyal fans. The monsters include Pichu, Togepi, Igglybuff, Magby, Elekid and Cleffa.

The players have to work extra hard this time because Niantic wants them to hatch the eggs that they will acquire in different Pokestops. As per The Verge, the number of new Pokemon that will be added in the game are still unknown. The players have to settle for the six additions.

Players are still waiting if there are other Pokemon to be part of Pokemon GO. They are still excited to get the eggs and breed them. Also, they are very determined to train the six creatures because they are part of the most awaited update that includes Gen 2 monsters.

Other Details Of The Recent Update Of Pokemon GO

According to Engadget, Pokemon GO has included a holiday-themed Pikachu from Dec. 12 until Dec. 29. Niantic released the Pokemon globally and players should try to capture the creature because it will be available this holiday season only.

Also, new Pokestops are added in Starbucks coffee shops and Sprint stores. These are added because Niantic just formed partnership with these stores. The coffee shop stops will benefit not only the game but the players who cannot be stopped while catching Pokemon.

Pokemon GO is finally updated and players are rejoicing with what Niantic has brought to them. This update made fans go crazy again. Hopefully, the developer will continue to add new Pokemon and exciting features in the game.

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