Pokemon GO December Update To Include Trading And Over New 100 Pokemon?

Niantic is set to release another update of Pokemon GO next month. The fans are currently speculating that the game might be introducing 100 new Pokemon and might be adding trading. The fans formed these theories because the developer said before that they will give the players what they have been waiting for.

Pokemon GO's Next Update Might Be Bigger Than What Is Expected

According to Venture Beat, the next update of Pokemon GO will include new 100 Pokemon, Legendary monsters and PvP battles. Also, the update might have players raise their monsters and trade their monsters. This will be able to help the game get back up after a disastrous holiday update.

The speculations arise when players analyzed the codes of Pokemon GO. Niantic just has to announce when will they release and address the rumors if they are true. Some Pokemon that are rumored to be added next month are Celebi, Lugia, Pupitar, Entei, Raikou, Blissey, Militank, Smoochum, Smeargle, Stantler, Donphan, Suicine and many more.

Although Niantic is silent about the other contents of next update, Niantic CEO John Hanke said that some of these rumors are true and will be coming soon. The company is very positive that with these updates, Pokemon GO will be even more successful.

Other Rumors About Pokemon GO

One of the most popular rumors about the future of Pokemon GO is having real world events as part of their strategy in order to make the game even more interesting. Fans are really positive that an event will be announced soon, which might also see the first chance of catching a legendary Pokemon.

Pokemon GO is one of the most successful mobile game. Niantic is very determined to expand the game even more because it want to be on the top. Fans are really excited for next month and very hopeful that their requests will be answered.

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