'Steven Universe' Season 4 Not Canceled; New Four Episodes Coming In January?

Cartoon Network's hit animated series is once again on hiatus as "Steven Universe" season 4 recently released its winter special episode. Since the TV network will be focusing on its Christmas specials, regular episodes are now on hold and might be returning to their normal schedules in January. The "Steven Universe" fandom then can ease their worries as season 4 is clearly not yet canceled.

"Steven Universe" has a record of surprising and shocking its followers. The show has been a massive hit as it caters to both kid and adult viewers. The episodes of this kid show are surprisingly deeper in context as it delves into social issues hidden behind the artistic graphics of the series. When season 4 then went on hiatus without any notice, its fandom were shocked on why the network stopped airing episodes most especially when Cartoon Network kept mum about the real reason behind the break.

Following this history of the show, latest reports are claiming that "Steven Universe" is just on another hiatus and is expected to announce new episodes before 2017 enters. While the official websites of the show are not posting any updates about the series, some fan sites previously revealed the supposed titles of the next episodes after "Gem Harvest."

However, the prediction has not been right per se with its predictions deleting "Three Gems and a Baby" in the list, fans are still hopeful that the leaked information will be followed. If it happens that the leak is legit, there will be 17 more episodes coming to "Steven Universe" season 4 before it transitions to its fifth installment.

Fans may then expect four episodes to come in January with details of each chapter to be soon posted online. There were speculations that season 4 will discuss the past of Rose Quartz in one of the episodes. Another leak confirms the Pearl-starring episode, which a fan revealed has been teased by the voice director of the "Steven Universe" Latin-American dub. The discussion delved into deeper details claiming that Pearl will be heavily featured with the Diamonds.

Past reports were persistent that two of the Diamonds will reappear on "Steven Universe" season 4. It was rumored that a voice cast has confirmed her stints on covering Yellow Diamond's voice parts for season 4. Also, Blue Diamond was speculated to return to Earth, but it is not yet clear how it intends to appear in one of the episodes.

While all of these rumors are not yet confirmed, fans might keep their excitement as is as "Steven Universe" season 4 will still return next year.

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