'Steven Universe' Season 4 Updates: Series To End With 'Three Gems And A Baby’? Greg Gets A Throwback Episode

"Steven Universe" season 4 just went back on TV for its "Gem Harvest" episode, yet again it will be on a few weeks hiatus before its "Three Gems and a Baby" chapter. While a few revelations were dropped in the previous episode, the future of the show is still unclear as the list of episodes of season 4 jotted down only until "Three Gems and a Baby." Does this mean there are no more new chapters coming to the hit cartoon series?

What To Expect From "Three Gems And A Baby"

As predicted, "Steven Universe" episode "Three Gems and a Baby" will serve as a throwback episode for the father and son duo, Greg and Steven. The official synopsis released by Cartoon Network notes, "Greg tells Steven about their first winter together."

It was reported previously that Greg will be featured in his younger version and so will Steven. Unlike the synopsis of "Gem Harvest," the next episode's plot is more literal. Avid fans know that Steven was born during the winter season, specifically in December. Most fans then expect Rose Quartz to have a cameo role in the episode. Also, the coming of the Pearl and Amethyst to Earth along with how Garnet was created are expected to be featured.

Meanwhile, it was revealed during the New York Comic Con that the "Three Gems and a Baby" episode will feature a new song entitled, "I Could Never Be Ready for This." The song was performed by Greg's voice cast, Tom Scharpling, and creator Rebecca Sugar herself. Fans say the song is obviously about Greg who was then not ready for the big responsibility of being a solo father given that Rose died.

While "Three Gems and a Baby" signals Steven's birth month and birthday celebration, it is also speculated to mark the end of the fan favorite cartoon show. With no other episodes listed after the upcoming coming chapter, fans of the boy wonder are then worrying that Steven's return might just be short-lived, and worst, that no new seasons will come again. Cartoon Network has not commented on these speculations yet and neither has Sugar, causing cancelation rumors to resurface.

Meanwhile, "Steven Universe" "Gem Harvest" episode garnered over 1.3 million viewers. Fans were quite upset that the most awaited episode did not show much more than a family gathering. Previous theories claim that Steven will be fusing with another gem in the said episode. Apparently, "Gem Harvest" focused on the introduction of Andy DeMayo on the show.

"Steven Universe: Three Gems and a Baby" is scheduled to air after Thanksgiving on Dec. 1 at 7:30 p.m. on Cartoon Network.

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