'Your Name' - 'Kimi No Wa' Just Smashed Box Office Hit For The 2nd Straight Week

By Dez Bryant , Dec 13, 2016 07:37 PM EST

For two weeks right now, Your Name - Kimi No Wawa is topping the Chinese box office. The Japanese anime sensation might do it again for the in-coming week. The movie has the capability to break the records in Chinese box office.

Your Name(Kimi No Wa) vs Hacksaw Ridge

It is a great time to be alive again as two awesome movies goes head to head in the box office battle for supremacy. The Japanese sensation Your Name(Kimi No Wawa) went face to face with Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge. Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name(Kimi No Wa) already experienced success on its first week as it flourish the competition. Last week, Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge step up to the challenge and almost toppling Your Name(Kimi No Wa).

Hacksaw Ridge earned a total of $14.4 million last week, while Your Name(Kimi No Wawa) of Makoto Shinkai edge them with $15.3 million. For 10 days, Your Name(Kimi No Wa) has a total earnings of $71.2 million. Their staging numbers qualified them in an Oscar run in Los Angeles. Not only they were part of the event, they were named as the year’s best animated film by L.A Films Critics Association.

Your Name(Kimi No Wa) And What Is It All About?

The movie gained worldwide recognition and as per the Beijing Bases box-office tracker Ent Group, Your Name(Kimi No Wa) is in a pace to break records. For those who haven’t watch the movie yet, let me provide you some important plots of the movie so that you won’t be left out. The movie is about two teenage lovers(Mitsuha and Taki,) who evidently met a disaster mysteriously swapping their bodies. At that point, they have to learn how to live and adjust with their “new” body.

As per Shinkai, the story was written last 2014 and was inspired by one of Japan’s top poet, Ono No Komachi. “Before I slept I thought of him, and into dream he strayed. Had I known it was a dream, in dream I would have stayed,” he stated. He also cited swapped child as one of his inspiration.

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