South Park Season 20 Has Ended, Contract Already Renewed For Season 21

By Dez Bryant , Dec 11, 2016 08:03 PM EST

South Park Season 20 ended on a high note and the producers of the show is already looking forward for another season. The boys from Colorado will surely enjoy their break as they prove again, that they are one of the best.

South Park Season 20 Verdict

For two decades, South Park manages to survive in a tough competition when it comes to TV Animation. The only series that is ahead of them is the legendary family from Springfield, The Simpsons. These two shows are compared a lot due to their comical style but both of them flourish in their own craft. South Park Season 20 is very entertaining to say the least. They again introduce us to multiple plots which made this season more intriguing.

The producers of the show really lived up to their name. They were not kidding when they mentioned in one of the comic-con events that they will leave fans at the edge of their seats. There were a lot of cliffhangers with some of the episodes and of course Cartman is still a jerk. South Park had some setbacks on this season but that didn’t stop them to continue their work. Remember when they have to rewrite the whole episode because they thought Hillary Clinton will win the election? Well, they were able to do in in one day and sure enough, that episode hit the highest rating in this season.

South Park Season 21

Season 20 has just ended but it was reported already that they’ve just renewed their contract. This means that we are going to expect more craziness from the boys from Colorado.We still want to know if Cartman will be able to score with Heidi, as their love triangle with Butters is going on another level. Right now, let us check, the funniest moment in Season 20 and let us hope that Season 21 will be better.

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