Pokemon GO Guide: How To Get Santa Hat Raichu In Christmas Event

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Following the announcement of Pokemon Go's Christmas Event, reports said that there are several players who were unable to claim their free Incubators today. Thankfully, sources said that they can still claim their Incubators until tomorrow. Photo : Game Informer/YouTube

Pokemon GO has started its Christmas event by releasing a Santa Hat Pikachu into the wild. It is a part of the latest update that also brought some of the Generation 2 Pokemon to the mobile game. As uninteresting as it sounds, it is assumed that the Holiday-themed mouse is only a sneak peek of more updates to come.

With that said, many fans ask the question - is Pikachu's evolution, Raichu, getting the Santa Hat treatment as well? The answer is yes. However, it is currently unknown if it's available in the wild. Here's a surefire way to get it.

First, How To Get Santa Hat Pikachu In Pokemon GO

The limited edition Santa Hat Pikachu is a must-have in your Pokemon GO inventory if you are a completionist. You can get one by roaming around your neighborhood, by waiting at a PokeStop with a lure or using incense - in short, like hunting for a normal Pokemon.

The best thing about this is that Santa Hat Pikachu appears on Pokemon GO's Nearby tab so you will immediately know if you're in the right area. It will also appear with a Christmas hat in battle. Be prepared with a lot of Razz Berries and Great Balls, though, as it may be harder to catch.

If you also know of a Pikachu nest, then get there as soon as you can to get yourself some with Santa hats. It has been confirmed that the Holiday-loving critter hangs around those areas, too. You can also be sure that you're not actually battling Ditto as it cannot transform into it. If your Ditto encounters the creature, it will only transform into a normal Pikachu.

One last thing you need to know about Santa Hat Pikachus in Pokemon GO is that the festive accessory serves no purpose. It has the same stats and the same amount of candy to evolve. The hat is there just to encourage the holiday mood.

So How Do We Get Santa Hat Raichu In Pokemon GO?

As aforementioned, the Pokemon GO community is still unsure if a Santa Hat Raichu is lurking somewhere in the wild. None has been reported so far, but we are optimistic that at least one is out there somewhere.

We can confirm, though, that you can get yourself a festive Raichu. All you have to do is evolve your Santa Hat Pikachu. You don't need Santa Hat candies, you just need the regular, old Pikachu candies. Use them on the Pokemon GO limited edition catch and you will get its evolution still with the hat. This has been confirmed by Reddit user cuincyboy and I have personally tried it. I can confirm this 100% works.

So if you want one with good stats, you better catch as many as you can before time runs out. You have until Dec. 29 1 p.m. EST to catch the limited edition Santa Hat Pikachu in Pokemon GO. Meanwhile, check out the newest creatures to come to the AR app: Gen 2 Baby Pokemon. Check out the list of newcomers and everything you need to know about them here.

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