Pokemon GO Generation 2 Update: Everything You Need To Know About Baby Pokemon

Pokemon Go Update: Gen 2 Movesets Found In The Latest Datamined Codes
Dataminers revealed that they have discovered Generation 2 movesets from the game code of Pokemon Go's latest update. Photo : Trainer Tips/YouTube

Niantic finally rolled out the Pokemon GO update that brings new creature to the game. When everyone was expecting Shinies, Legendaries and the whole Gen 2 Pokemon, today we learn that the company has something else in mind. We only get a handful of baby monsters from the Johto region plus a Pikachu wearing a Santa Hat. Not really complaining, though, as now Pokemon GO just got a whole lot cuter.

How To Get Gen 2 Pokemon

The only way to get the new Gen 2 Pokemon babies is to hatch them from eggs. If you got your inventory full, then you will need to hatch them first before you can get Gen 2 eggs. The reason behind that is that the creature that emerges from an egg is determined the moment you get it from a PokeStop, so you want to get new ones instead.

Note, though, that getting a new egg doesn't guarantee that it will hatch any of the Gen 2 Pokemon now available in Pokemon GO. Niantic's partnership with U.S. retailers should boost your chances of getting a rare egg, though. Get one from their PokeStops to increase the chances of obtaining an egg that holds these new monsters.

Gen 2 Pokemon Egg Distances

Igglybuff and Cleffa hatch from a 2KM eggs. The more popular ones Pichu and Togepi come from 5KM eggs. The rarer Elekid, Magby and Smoochum emerge from 10KM eggs. As of now, the only way to obtain these cute little Pokemon is to get some eggs.

Future Of Gen 2 Pokemon

As part of their announcement, Niantic stated their plans of introducing the rest of Generation 2 to Pokemon GO over the next few months. We've only gotten taste of the first wave, but there's still so much work to be done before we get all the seven Johto Pokemon.

A monster that Niantic seems to have missed, though, is Tyrogue. The pre-evolution of HItmonlee is still nowhere to be found even though it is a Baby Pokemon. Maybe we just haven't found it yet or maybe we will get it in a Pokemon GO update in the coming days.

Santa Hat Pikachu Is Now Available

The Pokemon GO update also brings the game's Christmas event. It is assumed that this is only the first of many Holiday updates to come in the next few days, because it doesn't hold a candle to the Halloween event.

Instead of the regular old Pikachu, players have a chance to catch a Christmas-themed Pikachu that wears a Santa Hat. The limited edition critter will be available until Dec. 29 10 a.m. PST, so you better get your trainer hat on and explore the wild.

When Will We Get Shines Or Legendaries?

Most players have been expecting Shinies because of their inclusion in the code. Some have also been commenting that it is the perfect time to release a Legendary Pokemon. Now, both groups must have been massively disappointed because all we got is a Santa Hat Pikachu for Pokemon GO's holiday event.

However, we can still expect more surprises from Niantic in the next couple of weeks. There are still over 10 days before Christmas Day, so there are still plenty of time for devs to introduce a more exciting event. I don't know if we will finally get Shiny Pokemon or Legendary ones, but I hope it's going to be big. All I know is that Pokemon GO is losing players and those behind it should pay attention to the fans' wishes before we all move on from the mobile game.

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