Uber Just Started Rolling Out Self Driving Cars For Hire In San Francisco

By Jeff Roxas , Dec 14, 2016 06:28 PM EST

American ride-hailing service, Uber, takes on another level of car sharing as they introduce autonomous vehicles to their vehicles for hire. Autonomous vehicles or smart cars are now highly acceptable as companies move towards sustainable energy; these cars run on electric and are a major step away from using fossil fuel. Uber, who recently tested their autonomous vehicles in Pittsburgh, is now moving back to their headquarters in San Francisco.

A Semi-Autonomous Car Will Service Passengers In Frisco

Passengers will now have the chance to be picked up by a semi-autonomous vehicle when they use the Uber service in the area. The rollout in San Francisco is still in its testing stages, as Uber wants to find out if there are any flaws with the program before making a full implementation of the project. Two operators will be manning the vehicle, one will be behind the wheel to take over if needed or during emergency situations, and the other will be in the passenger seat to analyze trip data in attempts to improve the service.

Uber Collaborates With Volvo

Uber will be using modified Volvo CX90 sports utility vehicles for the service. The car will be equipped with a total of seven cameras and a lidar system on top that continuously scans and analyzes the environment. Uber has integrated their own self-driving technology into the Volvo sports utility vehicles.

Luckily, the ride will cost the same as an Uber X. Passengers will have the chance to input their destination to gain access to the self-driving options; however, the car's navigation system is not designed to go out of California. The company has not made any announcement yet on how many autonomous Volvo SUVs they will be bringing to California and may need to check with the states Department of Motor Vehicles first for necessary permits before deciding on their next step towards the progression of their self-driving cars.

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