Is There ‘More’ To The Pokemon GO Christmas Event? A Fan Theory Says So

By Jonna Marcaida Calagui , Dec 15, 2016 12:53 PM EST

Niantic's Pokemon Go Christmas event has arrived. With the holiday update, Poke trainers are now able to catch or hatch Christmas Pikachu and other more babies to celebrate the Yuletide season. But Niantic's latest event looks pale in comparison to their previous Thanksgiving and Halloween events. A fan theory suggests that this might be because there is more to the Pokemon Go Christmas event than players actually know.

A Fan Theory Hints 'More' For The Pokemon GO Christmas Event

According to Pokemon GO Informer, the fan theory of having more events to come for Niantic's big hit might be incorrect. But still, Christmas is a long way to go and seeing a part 2 happening will not be any surprise. Besides, if players enjoyed more gifts and freebies during the Halloween and Thanksgiving, then it's just fitting to wait for something even better this Christmas.

So here's how the fan theory went. A Reddit user posted that Niantic follows a certain pattern of events. According to him, the Christmas event for Pokemon GO released last Monday was just a "pinch" of what is really about to happen. His major theory? Every nest migration happens every Thursday on either the first, third or fifth of each month. Also, Niantic's actual events always happen on a Wednesday.

Keep An Eye Out Until Next Week

So if calculations were correct, the true Pokemon Go Christmas event happened not on Monday, Dec.12, but Wednesday, Dec. 14. Given the punctuality of Niantic when it comes to schedules, the big Christmas event may not have happened this Dec. 14, but rather, next Wednesday by Dec. 21. Next week looks to be the best time since Christmas Pikachu will no longer be available come Dec. 29 and most Pokemon Go events take a week before they run out. Given the basis of history, there might really be more to the Christmas event of Pokemon Go than what players have first experienced. But who knows? Players might find a big surprise by next week. Don't miss out any updates so stay tuned.

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