Pokemon Go Update: Gen 2 Movesets Found In The Latest Datamined Codes

Previously, numerous fans were expecting to see the arrival of the second generation of Pokemon to Pokemon Go as Niantic has issued a big announcement to arrive on the Dec. 12 update. Apparently, when the update arrived, the rumors turn out to be true as trainers were granted a new set of Pokemon. However, it seems like only several Gen 2 Pokemon specie have been released. Currently, data miners have discovered that movesets from Pokemon Gen 2 are now present on the game code.

According to the report from Otakukart, dataminers have discovered some interesting information regarding the release of the second generation of Pokemon. As reported, it seems like Niantic is trying to release all gen 2 Pokemon in a staggered manner. It was predicted that the first 20 Pokemon from the national dex which numbered from 152 (Chikorita) to 171 (Lanturn) will be included on the first wave of release.

Meanwhile, if this is true, some might think that releasing the update in this manner would be the worst decision made by Niantic since release. However, it was explained that Niantic is just trying to keep the game alive and in the long run they will be bringing numerous updates and additional contents to the game. In addition, it was discovered that gen 2 movesets are now available in the code. As reported, the quick moves from the majority of gen 2 Pokemon are present. That means, Niantic is planning on something great.

Dataminers revealed some of these mined codes. They are identified as Shadow Ball, Brick Break and Rock Smash. Apparently, it seems like Niantic is doing great in making their players more engaged to the game through these exciting new additions. Some fans remain hopeful that Niantic would be quick on releasing their update to avoid the previous massive backlash from their own player base.

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