Pokemon Go Update: Potential New Features To Arrive After Gen 2 Release

Pokemon Go Gen 2 has been nearing its possible release as series of reported leaks have been surfacing online. Recently, Pokemon's official twitter account posted regarding the new Pokemon to arrive in Pokemon Go. Though the announcement was a bit unclear as of now, but fans had couple of guesses as to what kind of Pokemon that will arrive to the game.

According to the report from Otakukart, there are several upcoming features that are linked to the Gen 2 patch. These features are essential on making things happen such as evolution, breeding and more. Apparently, some of these features have been discussed previously by Niantic which fans will be able to experience them soon.

Based on the source, features like Time Specific Pokemon/Happiness Levels, Shiny Pokemon, Breeding/Gender, Berry "trees"/Held Items, Gifting/Friend System and Roaming Legendaries might be arriving in Pokemon Go.

Meanwhile, Shiny Pokemon and Breeding are the two of the most popular feature mentioned. For those who are uninitiated, Shiny Pokemon are those creatures which have slightly altered color from its original species. The most notable Shiny Pokemon is the red Gyrados which has an original blue shade. Finding these Shiny Pokemon is not easy as it may sound since they are considered as the rarer version of that particular Pokemon.

On the other hand, Breeding requires a male and female Pokemon to produce an Egg. In order to make this happen, Niantic should first consider adding gender to Pokemon Go. Though there are no further details on how this feature will work in the game, it has been explained that Breeding will significantly affect players by an egg being rewarded to them without hitting any PokeStops. It was also believed that Bred eggs work differently compared to those which are just rewarded from PokeStops.

On other news, Pokemon Go Starbucks Update has finally started. With this said update, numerous Starbucks locations are now transformed into PokeStops and Gyms while a special Frappuccino will be sold for a limited time only.


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