Super Mario Run Tops The Chart Nearly As Fast As Pokémon GO; Will It Surpass Niantic’s Flagship Title?

By K.C , Dec 16, 2016 04:40 AM EST

Nintendo finally launched its first Mobile App, the Super Mario Run on iOS and it has seen an astounding amount of downloads which has now reached the #1 top for most-downloaded free apps - nearly as fast as Pokémon GO during its debut.

Super Mario Run #1 Most-Downloaded Free App

One of Nintendo's trademarks and iconic figures, Mario, has officially arrived on all iOS devices worldwide. Despite the ambivalence of critics, Super Mario Run has ultimately proved to the world that the classic game didn't evanesce through time. Instead, the game became even more popular and hotter than ever!

Roughly six hours following its debut, Super Mario Run reached the #1 free app spot which is almost as fast as Pokémon Go which the latter reached the peak in just 5 hours - breaking numerous past records. Now, does this mean that Super Mario Run will also reach stellar heights as much as Niantic's flagship title?

For now, it's still hard to guess as Super Mario Run doesn't have as much in-app purchasing opportunities unlike prominent mobile apps particularly Pokémon GO. In fact, you can unlock all there is to the game by simply spending $10 which is pretty cheap and neat. If you try to compare this to other mobile apps such as Clash of Clans, Pokémon GO, etc., it's safe to say that Super Mario Run wouldn't par when it comes to revenue. But even so, this momentous event marks the first endeavor of Nintendo into the mobile market. Who knows how the game will evolve in the next couple of months.

Will It Sustain Its Popularity?

Just like any other games, popularity tends to fluctuate across time. This is where developers have to come up new events, strategies and whatnot in order to keep their game alive and "fresh." For Super Mario Run, the game has a lot of room to grow. For example, Nintendo can host events and/or unlockables (skins, new/secret characters) in order to keep the community hyped.

As of this moment, we can assume that its popularity will continue to surge for the next couple of weeks. The game offers a whole new mechanics which cannot be seen on its previous titles including new acrobatic moves, etc.

Do you think Super Mario Run will surpass Pokémon GO? Why or Why not? Share your thoughts in the comments down below!

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