Super Mario Run' Guide: Easiest Way To Get More Toads And Win At Toad Rally

By Allan Gonzales , Dec 16, 2016 06:50 PM EST

One of the favorite game modes in 'Super Mario Run' is the Toad Rally. In this game mode, gamers can play with their friends to earn toads for their kingdom. And of course, more toads means more new and rare items to unlock. So players need to get as many toads as possible which is exactly what this guide is all about.

How is Toad Rally Played?

In 'Super Mario Run' Toad Rally mode, players can play with other players with the objective to score the highest in the round. The score a player gets mainly relies on the number of coins collected and toad fans acquired during the course. Unlike the World Tour Mode, the Toad Rally takes parts of the completed levels of World Tour mode to build a new course to play.

Easiest Way to Get More Toads and Win the Toad Rally

The best and easiest way to win the Toad Rally is by focusing on gaining fans and collecting as many coins as possible. Of course getting the pink coins too wouldn't hurt. So to get as many fans as possible, players need to do a lot of tricks. Tricks in 'Super Mario Run' can be done by just tapping the screen whenever Mario jumps over an enemy. It's not really an easy task but it's doable with some practice. Now as players increase their number of fans, the Coin Rush meter also fills up. Once it's full, all the coins collected and the coins with "?" mark will give more coins.

The game ends as soon as the timer runs out and the winner of the game is the one that has the most toads that stay in their kingdom. If the player loses, they will have to give some of their toads away. Each time a player join a Toad Rally race, they need to pay with Toad Rally Ticket. So if players need more tickets, they will need to get more Pink coins or play Bonus Games from the buildings that toads give in 'Super Mario Run'.

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