Apple Might Be Finally Building A Dual-SIM iPhone: Here´s Everything You Need To Know

Tech giant Apple might be finally building a Dual-SIM iPhone, as it was revealed through recent patents that were filed in different countries. Of course, this could mean that Apple might be betting everything in order to grow its sales in China since the iPhones have been facing troubles in Asia which is considered to be the largest market there is.

A Dual-SIM iPhone 8 Would Be Real Popular In India And China

According to Forbes, customers in places like India and China usually have two phone numbers associated with one mobile device. Naturally, a Dual-SIM iPhone would offer this ability to these users, and would even be available on the highly-anticipated iPhone 8, which is expected to be a huge a success in those nations.

This information was known thanks to recent documents filed with the Intellectual Property Office of China, which described a Dual-SIM card feature for the phone, that would allow it to store two numbers. As it was showed in the filings, the application was submitted in March 2016 and published three months ago. In fact, the inventor that was listed on the filings is Li Su, which is one of the principal architects for cellular software at Apple, as it was reported in his LinkedIn profile.

A Dual-SIM iPhone Would Mean Some Troubles For Apple

According to University Herald, a Dual-SIM iPhone would mean a whole different game by Apple, given the fact that this is something that has never done before. In fact, it´s known that the tech giant would never allow microSD storage on this mobile device since it would have an impact on iPhone ASPs.

Also, a Dua-SIM iPhone might represent a huge inconvenience, considering that it would add some bulk to the hardware, and it would gain some troubles in the U.S., South Korean, Japan, Australia and Western Europe because Apple ties up closely with carriers of these nations to sell the phones. In any case, if this end up happening, the iPhone 8 will have a feature that could decrease its greatness, but increase its popularity in China.

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