'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Nicole's Revelation, Engagement Pulled Off

Days of Our Lives just keeps getting better and better. The drama saga between Nicole and Daniel is about to be over. However, Nicole has a revelation that nobody is expecting.

Days of Our Lives Spoiler Alert

We all know that Nicole and her ex-fiance Daniel has some shares of issues with their relationship. But we were not expecting for their relationship to end. Due to Daniel’s untimely death, Nicole have to accept her mate which is to move on with her life without Daniel. This is very hard as they didn’t expect things to turn around like this. There were no closure that happened or last chat with each other. For those who missed the last episode, Daniel died due to a car crash which devastated Nicole.

The Closure

As mentioned, the lovers never got the chance to say goodbye to each other. But on the next episode, Nicole has a chance to make a closure with her deceased ex-fiance. As per our insider, Nicole will be able to talk again to Daniel through her dreams. She will have a lot of visions on what happened to Daniel and what Daniel was thinking about prior to the car crash. The episode will revolve around this segment as per our trusted source. Also, it will be the first time that Nicole will remove her engagement ring.

The Verdict

Nicole finally accepts the fate of her ex-fiancee Daniel. “I know you will always love me. But I can’t be there anymore — not when you’re stressed out, or you need a shoulder, or another opinion, or just someone to hold you in his arms. All I want is for you to be happy. And you can’t do that if you don’t let go and just live,” Nicole stated. Hopefully Nicole will be able to fully move on in this tragedy.

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