The Clash Of Clans Winter Update Is Finally Here!

At long last, the highly anticipated Clash of Clans Winter update is here. And yes, all the promised changes and/or features have been unleashed. So far, the community has been singing praises. It's safe to say that the update, by far, is well-received.

According to Travelers Today, the aforementioned event has stayed true to its core design values. It's worth noting that in the past few months, the fandom has had a reputation of getting frustrated on the previous releases. However, with the new one, it's all but positive vibration.

Prior to its release, Supercell has been on the roll out, teasing the titular Clash of Clans Winter update. Players speculated that an increase in the levels of buildings will happen. Heck, some of them even thought that lots of interesting new features -- shipwrecks, in particular -- will arrive. The arrival of the update was made through an announcement via the game's official Twitter account.

Aside from the big reveal, the tweet also composed of a video from a YouTube channel. Apparently, all the changes coming to the game were featured there. For instance, Barbarian Kings (unlike in the past) can now be leveled from 41 to 45. This is also the same with the Archer Queen. Clan Castles, on the other hand, is upgradeable up to level 7.

Golems, thanks to the new Clash of Clans update, can now reach level 6. For those who love to use Hog Riders, this is a great time to rejoice. Know that the said troop is upgradeable to level 7. Moreover, a spell by the name of the Poison Spell can even do more damage, as it's now upgradeable to level 5.

The aforementioned spell also has an increased in terms of radius. As previously reported here at iTech Post, the update is all about bringing balances, particularly to Town Hall 11. In a sense, the studio wants to balance it in terms of attacks and gameplays.

What are your thoughts on the Clash of Clans Winter update? So far, do you love the changes Supercell brought? Let us know what you think at the comment section below!

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