Super Mario Run Guide: How To Switch Characters And Use Their Respective Abilities

By Mario Ferrari , Dec 19, 2016 04:10 AM EST

One of the unique features that Nintendo brings with Super Mario Run is the ability for players to switch characters. The game has three modes and two of them allows you to change your character. In particular, Toad Rally and World Tour bring the game to a whole new level. To help you ease out the mechanics, here's a guide on how to switch characters and use their abilities on Super Mario Run.

Super Mario Run - How To Switch Characters

To begin the game in World Tour mode, choose the specific level and World you want to play in. On the screen, you'll see Mario as your current character. At the bottom right, you can see an icon beside the Start button. Tap the icon so the character window will pop up. Click on the character and confirm it by saying yes.

The Toad Rally lets you choose which enemy to face off against. After you have selected the enemy that you want to meet, the mode will start. Know that you can see which character your enemy use through the map in the middle of the screen.

Super Mario Run - Characters And Their Abilities

Super Mario Run has six characters you can choose from, namely: Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Toadette or Toad. Each of them has unique ability. You will know them below.

Mario apparently is the well-versed among them in terms of speed, power and jump height. However, he is weak to Toad in Toad Rally because his speed isn't enough to gain him the upper right hand. Luigi's height is his edge in the game. He can do jumps higher than Mario which make him a better character to be used in levels where you grab Black Coins.

Princess Peach is good for playing it safe. Nevertheless, you can use her cape to drift down using it which is very much helpful in more difficult levels where pits abound. Yoshi uses its air to kick and carry him in the air which is ideal for levels where you need to reach special coins in the sky.

Toadette is the trickiest to unlock. It helps get new Toads for your Kingdom in Toad Rally. Toad has the most ideal to use if you want to finish levels as fast as possible. Take note though that it cannot use mushrooms for additional chances at taking damage.

Super Mario Run is now available on iOS.


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