New Super Mario Game Teased For Nintendo Switch; 4 Things To Look Forward To

Millennials have a brand new Super Mario game to look forward to. With the release of the first Nintendo Switch trailer last Thursday, Oct. 20, the massive 3D Super Mario game was teased on a five-second clip from the trailer. Although it remains untitled as of now, the new Super Mario game on Nintendo Switch seemed to be a game everyone should be watching for. Judging from what the trailer showed, here are four things every Super Mario fan should look forward to:

New Location: Vibrant Desert Town

The Nintendo Switch trailer features the new Super Mario jumping around what seemed to be a vibrant desert town. Flamboyant colored homes, hat shops and locales with their sombreros on, the trailer suggested that one of Super Mario's story missions might be set in Mexico.

In comparison, Super Mario's teased new location in an Old West district similar to Red Dead Redemption 2. It can be noticed that some area are covered with ice masses. There are also portions to find jumping boards around town.

Mario's Triple Jumps Is Back

After Super Mario 3D World and Super Mario 3D Land lost the glorious triple jumps which was popularized in classic games, Nintendo Switch surprisingly brought back this ability. In a somewhat unexpected manner, the three-fold bounce has tweaks that include raising its hands sideward.

Super Mario Multiplayer

The classic Super Mario up until the recent 3D versions are ideal for single player only. With Nintendo Switch, there seems to be two players who can play the game at the same.

Other Interesting Features

Super Mario for Nintendo Switch also carried several other interesting features. One is the revolving heart in Super Mario 64 which helps revive the character's health. Ice constructions are also catching attention as they are not melting amid broad daylight. Gold rings, Pokeys and more challenging elements can also be noticed.

Nintendo Switch, first known as Nintendo NX, was announced to be released not later than March 2017. From the looks of it, Nintendo's next generation console supports games from Activision, EA and Bethesda, among others.

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