Super Mario Run Is Now The Top-Grossing Game On Apple’s App Store

By Mario Ferrari , Dec 19, 2016 04:40 AM EST

In its first attempt to dominate the mobile gaming industry, Nintendo can now see a brighter future creeping on the horizon as Super Mario Run has just been revealed the top-grossing game on App Store. Amidst the run-of-the-mill reviews and backlash after some server and crash issues, the latest Super Mario game has managed to beat other popular games.

Super Marion Run: Top-Grossing Game On App Store

According to a report from Time Gazette, Super Mario Run made it to the top in a matter of 6.5 hours after it debuted on App Store last Thursday, Dec. 15. In the free download chart, the game trampled down other popular iOS games. Despite mediocre reviews and some player-reported issues, the game succeeded in pulling a vast number of iOS owners from 150 countries.

Can Super Mario Run Surpass Pokémon GO?

California research company Sensor Tower stressed out that this particular feat of Nintendo, considering that it's the first time the developer entered the mobile gaming sphere, could spark its popularity even more in the coming months when it will be available on Google Play. In multiple ways, Super Mario Run has been likened to Pokémon GO. Will Nintendo be able to surpass Niantic for pulling off such a huge success for Pokémon GO? Given that both games are played online, it isn't impossible that Super Mario Run will mimic the accomplishments of the Pokémon GO in terms of revenue generation.

Super Mario Run Across The World

In a data released by App Topia, the United States tops the number of downloaders for the game at 178,300 downloads as of this writing. It is followed by Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, China and France. This figure is expected to dramatically bolster once Super Mario Run is rolled out on Android devices in 2017.

Super Mario Run is now available on iOS devices.


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