Dishonored 2 News: Beta Patch 1.03 Is Already Here, What's New?

Arkane Studios just released the latest beta patch of Dishonored 2 in Steam. The patch will eventually fix even the minor bugs in the game. Also, it will solve the other issues encountered by players while playing the game in PC.

The Features Of Beta Patch 1.03 Of Dishonored 2

The players of Dishonored 2 are rejoicing when Arkane released the latest patch that is available on Steam. According to International Business Times, the studio kept its word about the inclusions of fixes in Options, Display, Perfotmance and Mouse usage in PC beta patch.

Bethesda, the publisher of Dishonored 2, reminded its players that they should upgrade to Nvidia 379.95 in order to see the newest fixes of the game. General players must keep in mind that the patch is not available for them.

Beta Patch 1.03 Of Dishonored 2 On Options

According to Gear Nuke, Arkane Studios just added an off button to Camera Motion Blur. When Texture Quality is set from Medium or higher, some textures are missing but thanks to the patch, the bug is fixed already.

The fix on Adaptive Resolution is added and it will not automatically turn into Manual. When the players were asked if they want to save the changes made when they did nothing were also fixed. The V-sync settings that do not match the monitor refresh rate when higher than 60 Hz have also been fixed.

What Are The Fixes On Display Of Dishonored 2?

Players will not encounter problems anymore when the primary monitor is not displayed because of several monitors opened. The problem with players using 5:4 or 5:3 aspect ratio that causes some UI elements to be misplaced has also been addressed by Arkane.

The default value for Resolution Scaling Quality is already set to Quality only. The bug that has been affecting the incorrect Resolution Scale FPS Target whenever the player decides to change to V-Sync mode has been taken care of.

New Features On Perfomance And Mouse Usage In Dishonored 2 

The lighting of NPCs in Dishonored 2 that turns to red has been fixed. The FPS limiter default settings is 60 fps. The adjusted shadow quality is already in High settings and below. The players can see noticeable changes in the quality of the graphics.

Also, the performance impact of transparent surfaces and VFX are decreased. The problem of the mouse that affects the speed of the control is already fixed. Hopefully, these fixes will let the players enjoy Dishonored 2 on PC and will have a smooth game flow.

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