NES Classic Edition Latest News: This May Be The Last Chance To Get The Mini NES Before Christmas

This is it! Tomorrow may be the last time anyone gets a chance to buy a NES Classic Edition console before Christmas Day or even before Hanukkah.

Best Buy announced last week that it will have limited stocks of the hard-to-find mini NES on Tuesday, Dec. 20.

Forbes mentioned in its report that the stocks will only be available in-store so those waiting for the mini NES to become available online may have to look elsewhere. That said, fans who want their on a console may want to go to the stores early to keep their chances high.

Early-goers waiting in line will receive tickets from the people at Best Buy. The number of tickets will correspond to the number of consoles they have. Also, each customer can only buy one console to give more people a chance to get their hands on the mini NES.

But according to a report, Best Buy is not the only retail store that will have some mini NES consoles available. Target spokesman, Lee Henderson, said that the retail giant will receive limited stocks sometime between Tuesday and Thursday, Dec. 22.

To increase chances of scoring one from Target, customers can check its website regularly for updates. They can also visit tracker websites.

Forbes believes that the lack of stocks is more of a marketing nightmare. While it proved the long-standing belief that people want what they do not have, some still see this in the negative. For one, Nintendo could have sold more if it provided more units after its initial 'marketing ploy' of letting the people salivate for one. That is, if this is indeed a marketing ploy or the company is just really unable to manufacture enough of the hot product.

The NES Classic Edition is a modern yet miniature take on the iconic 80's gaming console and has been one of the hottest tech products this year thanks to a combination of nostalgia and cheap price. But with few stocks made available by Nintendo, some people have been selling the console for more than double its original $60 tag price. In fact, over at eBay, some individuals are selling one unit for up to $260.

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