Super Mario Run Toad Rally - Why Do Players Hate This Feature?

By Nick Halden , Dec 20, 2016 04:40 AM EST

Super Mario Run Toad Rally is one of the game's three main features. Its mechanics seems to anger a number of players although many swear that it can be addicting.

How To Play Toad Rally

Super Mario Run players have to modes to choose from which is World Tour and Toad Rally. In the latter mode, players will run using the levels already available in the game. You will also race against another Mario while collecting coins along the way. Players also need to impress as many toads as they can by showing their acrobatic skills. This is the easy part.

Before participating in the Toad rally, players first need to give collectible tickets in order to play. This particular item is given as winnings in the World Tour feature. You can also buy them by using MyNintendo coins or get them as payment for certain jobs.

Collectible Tickets and the $10 Pay Wall

Super Mario Run players are only limited to have 99 collectible tickets at any time. It's highly unlikely that any one can use all of them in a short time. Players do find the arbitrary rule as offending. Many are also thought the $10 one-time fee is enough to play all the game's content. They are wondering why they have to "pay" just to participate in the Toad Rally mode.

Toad Rally Mode - Is It Worth It?

Playing the Toad Rally mode seemed to make the hassles worthwhile. Coming in first does will not necessarily make a win but making the Toad cheer for you will. Toad Rally winners will receive new Kingdom Builder structures in which additional characters can be unlocked. Unfortunately, this is another feature that frustrates many players. For others though, this simply builds up their competitive spirit. It seems it's a matter of player's perception of seeing the features as good or bad. Despite the numerous bad reviews, many Super Mario Run players swear that Toad Rally can be addictive.

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