Clash Of Clans Winter Update: Hog Rider Event Is Live; Christmas Gifts Leaked

Just a day after Supercell released the Winter Update for Clash of Clans, the first event which is the Hog Rider Event is now live and available on the mobile platform. Players can train their Hog Riders at large discount for a period of time. Along with this, are rewards of free gems and XP.

Clash Of Clans Hog Rider Event

The Clash of Clans Hog Rider event offers a very large discount to train Hog Riders. The rewards after completing the challenge are gems and experience, which is a pretty good deal to players. All you need to do is win a number of multiplayer battles, depending on what Town Hall level you're in.

During these battles, there is a specified number of Hog Riders to be used. The entire Hog Rider event only lasts two days or 48 hours, so you better get on your mobile and grab the opportunity to get free gems while it lasts. This is a very nice discount to farm with Hog Riders, especially for TH9 owners.

Hog Rider Event: Too Easy?

Only hours have passed but a lot of players already accomplished the task easily. On the official Clash of Clans Twitter account, at the time of writing, 42 percent of the 7,500 said that the Hog Rider Event is way too easy. Fine as it is, says 36 percent of voters and too difficult for the rest. Share your comments below about the Clash of Clans Hog Rider Event.

Clash Of Clans Christmas Gifts Revealed

In other news about Clash of Clans, several photos of Christmas Gifts for Clashmas were revealed on the Reddit thread. This includes the Ice Wizard, Freeze Trap, and Santa's Surprise. The information were taken from the game files after the update. The Ice Wizard and the Freeze Trap, however, appears to be temporary and will last only during the duration of Christmas event.

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